Thaís Naveda Luy, NBC-HWC​ 

Director of Multicultural Affairs


Thaís Naveda Luy is a bilingual, Venezuelan Canadian Journalist and Wellness & Health Coach, living in North Carolina with her family of 4. She is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, IIN Gut and Hormonal Health certified Coach, as well as an ACE Fitness Behavioral Change Specialist. Coach Thaís is the author of “A Pink Ribbon in our Hearts” and the creator of “The Natural Living Formula” a holistic health system to support health and wellness in families with picky eaters, moms reconnecting with themselves, and patients recuperating from cancer treatment. After retiring from the marketing world in 2014, Thaís has been dedicating herself to promoting conscious living, using natural, wholesome, balanced nutrition, mindful actions, and purposeful movement as keys to leading a healthy lifestyle.