Circles Masterclasses

Circles Masterclasses are designed to support efforts to conquer stress, anxiety, and burnout.

It’s community…it’s connection…it’s a game changer!

Knowing what to do, and knowing where to begin are two different things.

Purchase our Circles Masterclasses membership to provide healthy support all year long for your employees/members in 2024. 
Each month we will offer 2 relevant topics. All topics repeat 3x during the year so that learning can happen at a “dooable” pace.  A variety of days and times for each circle will be offered and announced each quarter.
Registration will open a month before each circle starts.
Coach Thaís Naveda Luy presents Circles Masterclasses

Stress-free Meal Prep

with Coach Thaís Naveda Luy

May and October

Coach Cheryl Borchardt presents Circles Masterclasses

Conquer Anxiety

with Coach Cheryl Borchardt

March and August

Coach Sarah Schall presents Circles Masterclasses

Mid-Day Movement

with Coach Sarah Schall

April and September

Coach Jeanine Finelli presents Circles Masterclass

Reset and Detox

with Coach Jeanine Finelli

March and September

Dr. Joe Jenkins

Mind Well

with Dr. Joe Jenkins

May and October

Dr. Joe Jenkins

Ultra Habits

with Coach Justin Thomas

April and August

Circles Masterclasses are a good fit for your organization IF

  • Stress anxiety and burnout are prevalent

  • You and your employees/members crave connection and community

  • You want to foster a culture of health for everyone

  • You value employee/member retention

  • You’re over the “hustle and grind” mentality of what it takes to be healthy

  • You respect everyone’s unique path to feeling their best and Living Well

All Circles Masterclasses Memberships Include:


Access to 8 Circles Masterclasses topics per year. No Sessions in Feb/July/Dec


Monthly newsletter subscription. 2 hot-topic/specialty bonus classes in June and November


dooable health™ sends emails to all participants. Calendar sync is possible


Links are e-mailed one day after each session, and active for 7 days.


1 – $100 quarterly drawing across all participants attending All 4 Circles sessions Live 

*Our Circles Masterclasses can be an immediate add-on to any existing wellness program you offer, or the perfect starting point for all employees/members to feel safe, valued, and inspired to keep a healthy lifestyle at the core of all they do.
**No information included and shared in dooable health™ Circles Masterclasses video series should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition. All our material is educational and informational in nature, is provided only as general information, and is NOT to be taken as medical or psychological practice, advice, opinion, diagnosis, treatment, or guarantee. Speak with your primary care physician for medical advice before beginning any new nutrition or wellness plan.

“I have enjoyed these sessions. They have changed my mindset on various issues we have discussed. Working on going organic”. 

—H. T. Jacksonville, NC.