First Responder Wellness

Protect Our Heroes’ Physical and Mental Well-Being as They Guard the Peace.

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If your agency is looking forward to increasing Officer Retention

and is willing to offer genuine care, and effective programs and services, dooable health is here ready to support you by putting at your disposal a network of National Board Certified Health and Life coaches specialized in behavioral change and positive psychology.


93% of first responders believe mental health is as important as physical health

dooable health offers sensible solutions for both Police and Fireman with the Dooable Blue and Dooable Red programs, housed on a state-of-the-art app with access to 150+ Science based health lessons specific to officers 15+ video interviews from active or retired officers Workouts + Trainer View, Biometric Assessment tools, and Daily HealthTracker Incentives program to encourage participation Invite a spouse/partner to join along in the program.

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dooable is a proud corporate captain of the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police. Committed to enhancing the professionalism of policing in North Carolina

Client transformations include

Address the Stress

Provide your First Responders with lessons that empathize with their unique profession. We have customized our health curriculum to address the stress and unique challenges of late-night shifts and the exposure to situations that other disciplines cannot comprehend.

Trust Created

Before physical and emotional transformations can take place, we know that our team has to earn the trust of your First Responder team. So we take a strategic approach from on-site “coffee with a coach” days to joining roll calls remotely to become a trusted presence on your teams.

Confidentiality Honored

First Responders want to continue to do their work, and there can be a stigma with talking with a coach. Therefore, we stress confidentiality between the Coach and First Responder and once again take strategic steps to address these concerns during the implementation and roll-out.

A Stronger Mind and Body

Once the hard work of trust and confidentiality has been established, we work on an individualized plan for your Frist Responders. Often, they make diet and lifestyle changes that help them achieve a higher quality of life from improved sleep, anxiety management, more energy from a whole food, nutrient diet, and supporting their movement plan. It’s a privilege to support theses transformations.

Chief Michael Yaniero

“The dooable health First Responders program is designed to support law enforcement in all areas of life. It focuses on mental wellbeing, stress management, maintaining physical strength, and how to feed our bodies in healthy yet realistic ways within our unique lifestyle. The private virtual coaching is deeply valuable for so many.”

Michael G. Yaniero, Chief of Police, City of Jacksonville
Brittney Thomas

“I’ve immensely improved my physical and mental health which allows me to better serve my community.”

Brittany Thomas, Police Officer

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