We make progress


Healthier workforces.
Less healthcare dependence.
We make it dooable.

Like you, we're fed up with rising healthcare premiums.

Healthcare costs are running wild. Shockingly enough, the average premium for an employer-sponsored family plan is pushing $20k a year. Crazy right? On top of that, so-called “wellness” programs offered by 88% of large companies do little to combat chronic health problems – much less save on healthcare overhead costs.  

So we built a program to improve waistlines and bottom lines

By helping employees with chronic conditions make meaningful progress, we wean workforces off of healthcare system dependence. 

Our Goal for Corporate Partners:
A 20% reduction in healthcare costs within 3 years.

What can we doo for you?

For Companies:

Employee Benefits Consulting


Employee Health & Life Coaching

We call it the Healthy Plan™, because it’s more than health insurance or just another health and wellness program. It includes in-depth guidance that actively boosts employees’ wellbeing because we made progress dooable. We analyze your insurance claim data and recommend custom solutions to turn your traditional health plan into a healthy plan. Imagine supporting your employees in making real lifestyle changes while attracting and retaining top talent. Provide them with the dooable team and start seeing real progress:

  • Goal: 20% reduction in healthcare costs over three years
  • Over 80% proven employee engagement
  • Single point-of-contact for easy implementation 

When it comes to health, progress is perfect.

We help people make meaningful steps towards their versions of healthy. By focusing on causes—not symptoms—of treatable chronic conditions, we wean workforces off of healthcare system dependence. In turn, healthier workforces lower healthcare costs for employers. If you want to give employees the gift of better health, it’s easily dooable.

What's up, Doc?

Move the needle with custom health plans from our team of MDs.

Stressful, meet stress-less

Our holistic approach helps people be mentally health-ier too.

Let's get personal

We offer one-on-one sessions with encouraging health coaches.

Leave your info, and we'll reach out for a free discovery call.

dooable gets it done

See how a fifth-generation hosiery mill made big steps and cut healthcare costs through our dooable health program.

Meet the team

Our supergroup of MDs, health coaches and industry experts are passionate about progress.

William "B.J." Lawson, MD

Co-Founder & CEO

B.J. studied biomedical and electrical engineering before receiving his medical degree at Duke. He co-founded dooable health to reform health care by aligning the interests of employers and employees in the pursuit of long term health. B.J. oversees the operations to ensure healthy outcomes and relationships are achieved.  He gained the nickname “Dos Equis” because he is one of the most interesting guys in any room given his vast array of talents spanning from medicine to software development.

Jeanine Finelli, NBC-HWC

Director of Coaching

Jeanine is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. She is the published author of, Love Yourself to Health…with Gusto! Jeanine supports our clients and health coaches to achieve their health visions. She believes that at the core of all positive and lasting change resides a deep love and respect of self. Naturally, we call her “Oprah.”

Joe Jenkins, MD, JD

Co-Founder & President

Whether as a practicing doctor or an entrepreneurial healthcare CEO, Dr. Jenkins has always thought outside the box. He co-founded dooable health to change stale, outdated processes and help employees achieve more successful health outcomes. He is constantly reviewing the science and research to support the Journey 2 Health lessons. Most importantly, he seems to know everyone and thus has the nickname of “Bacon” in honor of 6-Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Sarah Schall, NBC-HWC

Director of Client Services

Sarah is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and former volleyball athlete and strength and conditioning coach. She oversees the J2H Health Coach Ambassador Community and is also a Functional Medicine Health Coach graduate. She also founded “Inside-Out Strong” a program that teaches girls how to be strong. She is affectionately referred to as the “Hostess with the Mostess” thanks to her excellent podcast interviewing skills on the Journey 2 Health podcast

Justin Thomas, NBC-HWC

Chief Growth Officer

Justin is a principal at dooable health and graduated with honors from his MBA program at UCD Dublin (Irelend). He is also a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and has a passion for coaching others. He founded the CL Thomas Fellowship, a non-profit mentoring group to encourage others to provide for themselves in order to serve better. He successfully drove teammates through a rain storm, giving him the nickname of “Sully.” 

J2H Ambassadors

Health Coaches

We have a wonderful team of health coaches who are trained to partner 1:1 with employees to help them feel their best and make real progress towards their healthy vision. Our health coaches are based across the country and are strategically assigned to accounts based on location and skill-set. Our Journey 2 Healthy clients receive dedicated health coaches assigned in order to create an authentic connection with your employees. 

VP & Director of Coaching

Advisory Committee

The dooable health team has a multi-disciplined group of experts from the medical and business fields to consult on its science-based health library and technology practices.

Jim Kurz, MD
Josh McGee
Pat Walker, MD
William "B.J." Lawson, MD