Our Story

What makes dooable health different from all the other health, wellness, and life coaching companies?

We want to make you the hero of your health.

However, clients often want to know more about us before trusting us to be their guide to a healthier lifestyle. They ask, “What makes dooable health™ different from all the other health, wellness, and life coaching companies?” While we don’t know everyone else’s story, we can tell you an interesting part of ours.

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Our Coaches

We are a team of passionate behavioral health specialists, each with our own “life’s lesson” that led us here.  After his father’s unexpected death, Justin Thomas, dooable’s Man of all Talents, enrolled in a health coaching course intent on building a life helping others.  Sarah Schall, our wizard of operations, vigorously pursued athletics, which led to a special interest in coaching proper movement and a desire to share her expertise with both young and old.    Jeanine Finelli, dooable’s VP & Director of Coaching, graduated cum laude from the Institute of Functional Medicine, obtaining the IHP2 or Integrative Health Practitioner level 2 certification. She combines her education with her extensive experience as a coach to have an understanding and insight that turns clients into heroes. Thaís Naveda Luy, Director of Marketing and Multicultural Affairs, uses her international experiences and language skills, coupled with her communication expertise, to change lives and market our services, while Cheryl Borchardt channels her experience in the lifestyle as medicine, to support public entities in search of grants to invest in their people’s health with programs like the 1:1 coaching all our coaches partake in.  Our team is real, molded by life’s challenges into compassionate listeners and change agents.

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Our Doctors

Of course, our doctors started the whole thing.  Dr. Joseph Jenkins (current CEO) and B.J. Lawson MD (currently Chairman of the Advisory Committee) wondered why no one in medical school taught about root causes of chronic diseases that were ravaging America.  BJ’s father was panicked by a pre-diabetic diagnosis, but lifestyle changes reversed it.  Dr. Joe, a surgeon who led the introduction of life-changing technology for patients across the country, suffered the consequences of the lifestyle of the President of a public company.  His weight shot up along with his blood pressure.  The medications started with their side effects and burn out resulted.  Our doctors were convinced that medicine’s approach to chronic disease was missing the mark.

Success Stories

Confronted with eliminating unhealthy lifestyle choices, the doctors quickly realized the power of health coaching to support transformative change and the core team was recruited.  The dooable health™ program was created to offer employees health and wellness based on proven behavioral health strategies.

To date, we have helped thousands of employees enjoy a healthier life. Success stories include reversing pre-diabetes and decreasing dosing of diabetic medicines, lowering blood pressure, eliminating gout, canceling the need for bariatric surgery, and even helping individuals eliminate a dependency on some powerful anti-inflammatory medications.  Lifestyle changes are not easy, but our coaches and program make it possible.  Just as importantly, our coaches help people understand their “why” and help them live to this truth.

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At our heart, our team is inspired by changing the lives of our clients:
individuals or employees of private companies, municipalities, police and first responders.

Connect with your coach or pick a new one, just for the next 3 months, and commit to meeting at least 4 times, between today and the end of May.