Functional Medicine Lab Testing


From overwhelmed to self-confident, your healing journey feels dooable™ for your lifestyle and goals. 

At-home functional lab testing packages

With Integrative Health Practitioner IHP2, Jeanine Finelli

Let’s test, not guess.

Got symptoms? Need Answers? Conventional Medicine can provide answers, but still you need more.  So often you have felt categorically dismissed – “Menopausal”  “Diabetic” “Overweight” “Depressed”.  These are boxes we can find ourselves in…with no way out!  You are a delicate tapestry of integrated bodily systems all performing in concert together.  You are whole. You are unique.

Let’s give your body back the raw materials it is missing. By replacing nutrient deficiencies and reducing toxicities, your body will begin to come into balance, and this will lead to less pain, more joy and energy, and most importantly, finally knowing… it’s not all in your head.

Whether you want a deep dive into this data because you love seeing numbers and details, or you are exhausted by the traditional medical model and feel unwell, this package is for you.

Symptoms and Common Complaints

  • Stress, anxiety and burnout

  • Digestive and Gastrointestinal Issues

  • Rashes, dry skin, hair loss, breakouts and itching

  • Insomnia and brain fog

  • Irritability and mood swings

  • Allergies

  • Low libido, PMS, hot flashes, menstrual irregularities

  • Joint Pain

  • and more


60-minute initial consult addressing your symptoms, health history, goals, and lab recommendations for only $89

Full Program Includes


 4 – 60 minutes meetings with your Integrative Health Practitioner


Lifestyle as Medicine DESTRESS protocol

Lab tests

Delivered to your home

Supplement Recommendation

FullScripts Dispensary account with a 20% discount on all purchases


Secure text messaging and support between sessions

Not included in Package Cost:

-Supplements, recommended based on Lab results.

-Re-testing down the road. (Some people do, many don’t).

Simple AT-HOME Testing

All labs are specifically chosen for ease of use. They are completed at home and results are typically ready 3-4 weeks after the samples are mailed back to the labs. Once I have the data from your labs, we begin to rebalance the body, give you the raw materials you are missing, reduce toxicities, and help to create an improved baseline to better handle stress and all that life demands. Try your best. Ask questions. Seek the tweak. Don’t quit on yourself. Not now, not ever.

You want to maximize your time, money, and don’t have the mental bandwidth for another “you’re in normal range, so we aren’t exactly sure what’s wrong “from your conventional doctor.  Let’s deep dive through multiple lab tests for the missing pieces, more data, and a bigger picture. together.  The water’s warm, and you aren’t alone on the boat!

Fortify the building blocks that make you…you

Talking about minerals and vitamins may not be super cool and all the rage like drinking an expensive smoothie out of a trendy tumbler, you can run, but you can’t hide! They are THE critical building blocks and without them in proper balance, you may be wasting your money on lotions, potions, and supplements. Like a house, you must build it from the ground up! Test don’t guess. What are you needing, and where have you looked for it?

“My blood pressure was high and I have other health concerns, I started working with Jeanine from a functional perspective; my blood pressure drastically went down, and I still have regular blood pressure, my energy level is up, and I have no cravings, so if you are thinking about a functional approach for your health, do it because it is life-changing!”  

—Jenn M.  Jacksonville, NC.