Employee Wellness

Conquer stress, anxiety, and burnout for better employee retention.
dooable health, Helping You Live Well.

Our flagship employee health and wellness program is called dooable health™.

We ensure that your employees have the opportunity to make positive transformations in their health and life.

Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness: dooable app mockup

Client transformations include

Rx Saving

We have helped employees make health and lifestyle changes to reduce their inflammation which eliminated the need to be on certain medications for conditions ranging from Type II Diabetes, Gout, Migraines, and other inflammatory conditions resulting in $10,000/month in savings.

Healthier Workforce

Our wellness program is not weight loss focused, however, employees who engage in coaching improve their metabolic health and on average lose 3 inches in waist circumference.


Clients create custom incentives while also using our health coach approved incentive options to encourage healthy behaviors to earn points which go towards company-sponsored prizes.  Our engagement rate is over 80%.

Surgeries Avoided

With the help of our health coaches, clients have been able to restore their health without the need for surgery such as bariatric surgery saving $50,000+.

Employee Wellness

Because we are a team of behavioral change experts, we know not everyone is ready to make lifestyle changes.

That’s why we offer multiple ways for employees to engage and work to create strategies. You are assigned a dedicated account manager and health coaches based on your goals and the size of your organization and we can customize your implementation and ongoing services which can include:

  • Unlimited 1:1 Health/Life Coaching available via Zoom or phone (Spanish and English available)

  • On-site Health Workshops

  • Incentives Platform

  • Eat Well/Move Well/Live Well online lessons and resources

  • Wellness Committee Involvement

  • Strategic Outreach Campaigns to Engage Your High Cost Employees (dooable select)

  • dooable health™ mobile app and web app with more healthy lifestyle tools

From mental to physical health changes, our clients see results

Employee Wellness

Dooable app

“It’s a great benefit, and I have heard so many employees say dooable health is the most exciting benefit that we have offered in decades.”

Mercer Stanfield
President, Brame Industries

Contact us to see how our holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle can support your employees to make transformations.