Meet the Team

Our supergroup of MDs, National Board certified health/life coaches, and industry experts are passionate about Helping You Live Well.

Meet the Team

Advisory Committee

The dooable health team has the support of a multi-disciplined group of experts from the medical and business fields to consult on its science-based health library and technology practices.

William “B.J.” Lawson, MD graduated from Duke University with a degree in biomedical and electrical engineering, and from Duke Medical School pursuing a prestigious neurosurgery residency. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found Mercury MD a mobile rounding tool application for physicians and dooable health.

Dr. Lawson and his wife, relocated to sunny Florida where they are involved in high profile technological initiatives while he takes part on dooable Advisory Committee.

Dr. Donna Frick graduated from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, specializing in Psychiatry; she practiced there for over thirty years in combination with a clinical teaching position in the UNC’s Department of Psychiatry. During her decades tending to patients, Dr. Frick was able to observe firsthand how psychotherapy, medications and behavioral approaches combined with healthier habits could sustainably improve mental and physical wellness, that is why she is excited and enthusiastic about the possibilities for clients who utilize the support offered by dooable health.

Dr. Frick and her husband, retired Dr. John R. Frick have two children, two grandsons and two granddaughters; they also enjoy the company of one ageing Golden Retriever and one sweet youngster who is immersed in retriever training.

Donna and John both treasure all visits with their grandchildren. In addition, Donna paints, sews, sculpts and costumes the occasional art doll.

James E. Kurz, MD graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia, specializing in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; before pursuing medicine, he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech; currently Dr. Kurz is an Associate Professor and the Medical Director of the UNC Brain and Body Health Program serving NFL players. He and his wife, Lucy, are passionate about health, especially when it comes to caring for high medical complexity patients.

Dr. Kurz is placed as one of the Best Doctors in America consistently due to his investment in primary care and the way he likes to partner up with his patients holistically to prevent, manage and/or cure diseases, optimizing health.

When Dr Kurz is not at work he likes to be surrounded by his son and daughter and go fishing.

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