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Cheryl Borchardt, NBC-HWC

Chief Development Officer for First Responders Products



Cheryl is a National Board and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Her experience working in Integrative Medicine and Functional Immunology has allowed her to gain a vast understanding of the human body and the immune system. She works with a variety of male and female clients of all ages to support them as they seek to reverse their autoimmune and chronic health conditions with lifestyle interventions. Her clients say that she has helped them to experience fewer symptoms and live full, enjoyable lives where they can fully participate in the activities they enjoy!

Cheryl also has experience in the grant application field for the chemical manufacturing industry, where she helped research and prepare grant applications to receive funding from The Department of Defense and The Department of Energy. She got her grant writing certificate at the University of Georgia.

She and her husband have four children, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a bearded dragon. She also volunteers with an organization that provides holistic recovery services for victims of human trafficking.

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