Justin Thomas, NBC-HWC​

President & COO

  • justin.thomas@dooable.com


Justin is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, health benefits consultant for Bull Benefits, author, podcast host, and entrepreneur. He has experience leading organizations ranging from tech to the non-profit sector and enjoys dreaming big and helping others do the same. You just might find him training for his next ultramarathon event on the trails or reading another business book in a local coffee shop. After successfully driving through a torrential rainstorm, his dooable teammates bestowed the nickname “Sully.”

Justin is a mentor, a role model an avid learner, and even though he is the President and COO of dooable health™, his ears and heart are always open for clients and coaches with admirable humility. One of his 1:1 clients shared the progress he has made while working with Justin:

“There is a fine line in enjoying yourself too much. This is the longest I’ve kept up with an intentional diet and exercise plan. I’m down 4 pounds this week and only having 2-3 sodas a week versus the 10+, thanks to my work with Justin.” -Marty, NC

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