Michael J Macario, P.O. (Retired)

Chairman of First Responders Initiatives

  • mac@dooable.com


A passionate advocate for comprehensive support systems, Macario recognizes the profound impact community involvement has on mental health management, critical incident stress, and post-traumatic growth. As the father of a State Trooper, Senior Training Officer Macario, brings a personal commitment to understanding the needs of law enforcement families. 

Macario’s illustrious career includes serving at the Raleigh Police Department, where he worked at the Raleigh Police Training Center, preparing numerous recruits for the challenges of police work. Over two decades, he instructed law enforcement officers at the local, state, and federal levels on a wide array of subjects, ranging from edged weapon tactics to verbal de-escalation techniques. 

A distinguished member of Wake County’s Crisis Intervention Team for nearly a decade, Macario held the position of lead de-escalation trainer. His expertise in training police officers on effectively de-escalating situations involving individuals with mental illness or intellectual/developmental disabilities has been widely recognized. 

Furthermore, Macario’s legacy extends to his 20-year tenure as a self-defense and combative instructor, owning and operating his own schools. His commitment to empowering individuals with the skills necessary for personal safety underscores his dedication to community well-being. 

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