Heart-Centered Coaching

Jeanine loves deeply and leads wholeheartedly. She strives to live life to its fullest, ride the ups and downs, and is a seeker of harmony within herself and in relationships with others. She has the ability to transcend and you’ll want to be caught up with her!

Episode #5

“The greatest love affair in all our lives is the one we have with ourselves.”

Jeanine is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.  In 2014 Jeanine published the book titled, Love Yourself to Health…with Gusto! As the EHOP Director of Coaching, she oversees the “Live Well” curriculum for the Journey 2 Health program and believes that at the core of all positive and lasting change resides a deep love and respect of self.

She strives to live life to its fullest, ride the ups and downs, and is a seeker of harmony within herself and in relationships with others.  As Jeanine sheds all that the world has placed upon her, she finds deeper passion in becoming more of what she wishes to see in this world, and believes that is ultimately the best gift to give her children.

Jeanine starts at the beginning of her journey and shares the powerful story of her near fatal car accident at the young age of 16.  This life-altering experience launched her into a never ending direction of reaching for more…more life, love, experiences, joy and learning opportunities.  Her life was forever changed and she had no idea what kind of journey this event would take her on.

Her past injuries began to show up later in life by having 4 surgeries over the next 20 years.  While the medical industry saved her life several times, she never felt like true healing was happening.  She knew there was more to the story and believed she was the only one who could figure it out.  So she took the first step.  Her desire to seek complete and holistic wellness for herself, not just improving her injuries, is what brought her to health coaching

Jeanine is a master at creating sacred spaces for her clients giving them an experience not just a coaching session. She has a desire to serve their highest good with each interaction as she becomes a compassionate witness to their journey.  She provides a life-giving warmth and a genuine curiosity as she honors the space that allows them to show up and begin their own healing journey.

Her favorite moments are when clients find their voice –  when they finally see themselves as able to do the hard things or have the challenging conversations.  As clients become disciplined and intentional, taking action on their vision, true and lasting changes happen.  Whether it’s huge weight loss or just 2 pounds, she appreciates the discipline it took to make that happen.

As the director of coaching with EHOP Health, she is proud of the coaches they invite on their team who prove to be professional, fun, full of grit and over-comers.  They guide clients to envision their future self, then show up as a loving reflection to allow clients to see their own discrepancies without feeling judged.

You won’t want to miss the depth of her insight and her ability to transcend and take you with her.  She shares some “mic-drop” thoughts and phrases such as; “you’ve got to love yourself to health”, “the greatest love affair will be the one we have with ourselves” and “don’t be afraid to be a gang of one!”

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Key Takeaways

  • A life altering experience as a teen left her fighting for her life

  • Finding true healing when she began to put her own pieces together

  • Creating an experience for her clients, not just having a coaching session.

  • Serving a clients highest good while being a compassionate witness

  • non-judgmental spaces and Congruent lives for her clients

  • Celebrating the intentions and disciplines, not just the results.

  • Mic-drop moments are scattered throughout!