Embracing Failure Dr. Joe Jenkins, Co-Founder and President of EHOP Health shares inspirational and entertaining stories of failures throughout his life and how they have led him to EHOP Health. His humor and wise perspective will motivate you to keep going on your purposeful journey too!

Episode #4

“Failure is a chance to learn and it’s the downs in life that often teach very valuable lessons.”

Dr. Joe Jenkins, Co-Founder and President of EHOP Health entertains us with his journey and the joy in embracing failures throughout his life. Dr. Joe takes us on a journey of a few of his meaningful failures beginning in 8th grade…don’t worry, he is able to tell all of his stories in less than 35 min!

Dr. Joe quickly displays his honesty by telling us the story of how he flunked out of the University of Virginia with a 0.4 GPA, but didn’t allow that failure derail or discourage him. He transferred to UNC-CH to major in pre-med and by aligning with his true purpose, he achieved a 4.0!!

His early failures were learning experiences and propelled him in the direction his life was calling him to go!  As a practicing physician, he learned first-hand how things don’t always go as you plan or hope. Facing failure head on taught him resilience and perspective. Dr. Joe’s ability to hone his craft and create out of the box solutions resulted in him leaving the operating room to help doctors across the country try a new surgical technology.

Staying open to opportunities and pivoting when the time was right led him to pursuing a law degree, becoming CEO of a public company and working Wall Street. But when the stress of being CEO interfered with his family life, his health, and his enjoyment of being “important,” Dr. Joe just walked away.  While he always thought he “failed” as a CEO, he soon learned this was just a set up to meet BJ Lawson. Together they formed a company hoping to support the doctors on the front lines and impact the healthcare industry with truthful information!

Their attempt to impact the huge medical establishment forced another failure and an intentional pivot to shift their focus on who most needed their help. EHOP Health (Employee Health Ownership Program) was birthed to help the true victims of the healthcare space: employees and employers!

You’ll also enjoy hearing numerous stories of EHOP Health client transformations as the result of the skill and care of its health coaches. One client lost 118 lbs. in a 10-month span. But the weight wasn’t the prize he was shooting for. The true victory was when he was able to fit his 3-year-old daughter on his lap to read bedtime stories. Another client was able to eliminate the need for bariatric surgery and multiple clients have testified how EHOP’s Journey 2 Health has enabled them to “get their life back!”

If you’re looking for support from EHOPHealth for your company or organization, visit www.ehophealth.com. Are you an individual looking for health support? Visit www.journey2health.com/individuals

Key Takeaways

  • Failures are life’s best lessons

  • How failing out of UVA was the best thing to happen to him as a college student

  • Failure is an opportunity to shift and pivot towards your true passions

  • Perspective and resilience are necessary traits to deal with failure.

  • EHOP Client Testimonials that’ll move you to tears!

  • he reassures us with his health advice that Age is just a number!