Ep #24 – Taylor Treacy

Taylor Treacy is a passionate thought leader within the realm of female athletics as she supports and encourages athletes to balance sport with life. As a former UNC volleyball athlete and retired pro-player, she is using her personal life experience to shed light on the challenges that accompany being a college athlete, specifically mental health. She created a platform called, The Virago Project which creates open dialogue and a safe space for female athletes to connect. She’s a positive force and you’ll be inspired as she shares her hope for the future of changing the landscape of female athletics.

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Ep #23 – Elli McGlauflin

As a J2H client, Elli began eating better, moving consistently, and practicing sobriety allowing her to release 40+ lbs, but more importantly, she began to dream and envision again. Listen to how her dreams have become her reality in this episode of the Journey 2 Health podcast.

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Ep #22 – Allison Wrenn

Allison Wrenn serves as a Health Coach for EHOP Health. She’s a North Carolina State University graduate and holds her Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After spending over a decade at the Cary Chamber of Commerce, she recognized the unmet need of businesses to be served by a health plan focused on needing less healthcare.

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Ep #21 Eat Well on your Journey 2 Health

This podcast is based on our signature program, Journey 2 Health, which is offered to businesses and individuals through EHOP Health. Our curriculum is centered around three pillars of health: Live Well, Move Well and Eat Well. Today we review the Eat Well topic. Eat Well is one of the most critical pillars for making real strides in your health. You’ve heard it said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” from Hippocrates. And throughout our podcast, you’ve heard countless stories from our guests about how food has brought them healing. It’s about 90% of the health journey and we share our 3 best Eat Well tips with you today.

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Ep #20 – Caroline Wilson

Caroline’s coaching journey began in 2009 when she re-connected with her college roommate who is a practicing functional medicine doctor. Caroline currently coaches in the same clinic. When Caroline began digging into the aliments plaguing her life and implementing small changes to her nutrition, she quickly recognized that food is medicine. After traveling her own health journey, she found that by combining her background in counseling and her love for health and fitness, health coaching was where she wanted to be!

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Ep #19 – Joni Haltom

Joni Haltom is the HR Manager at Harriss & Covington, a 5th generation hosiery mill in High Point, NC. She shares that while she had a solid foundation of knowing healthy behaviors and having parents who led her well, she found herself at the age of 50 in the “perfect storm". She was battling weight gain, not exercising or eating well, heart burn, high blood pressure and an unexpected diagnosis of pre-diabetes. She had let herself go and knew she needed to get back on track.

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Ep #18 – Dian Dossias

Dian suffered silently from the effects of environmental toxins. By holding onto her beliefs and committing to daily healthy habits, she broke through the bondage of this invisible illness and changed the trajectory of her health and life.

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Ep #17 – Michael “Mac” Macario

After patrolling as one of the busiest patrol districts at his agency Officer Michael "Mac" Macario was assigned to the police training academy where he eventually became the senior training officer. Mac reflects on his personal health journey and how he is supporting officers today through a customized Journey 2 Health program.

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