The Power of Mind-Body connection

Caroline’s background in psychology and her experience in counseling is the perfect compliment to health coaching. She guides clients through healing modalities that focus on the mind-body connection.

Episode #20

Stop, Look and Listen…Use your 5 senses; see, smell, feel, taste and then listen to your body and mind in that moment.

Caroline Wilson is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach at Carolina Total Wellness and with the EHOP Health team. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s degree in Counseling from East Carolina University.

Caroline’s coaching journey began in 2009 when she re-connected with her college roommate who is a practicing functional medicine doctor. Caroline currently coaches in the same clinic. When Caroline began digging into the aliments plaguing her life and implementing small changes to her nutrition, she quickly recognized that food is medicine. After traveling her own health journey, she found that by combining her background in counseling and her love for health and fitness, health coaching was where she wanted to be!

While practicing counseling, she was continually being drawn to mind-body medicine to alleviate challenges such as anxiety and depression. Through health coaching, she can guide her clients through that mind-body connection and when they are ready for change, she is able to witness powerful shifts in their lives.

She dives into neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity, which is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. Think of re-mapping or re-wiring the brain which can be done at any age! She shares a few out-of-the-box techniques such as EFT tapping, meditation, grounding, and breathing to combat trauma and mental illness.

All of our lifestyle choices, such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management affect our health. Caroline shares that when we practice daily mindfulness and utilize many of the mind-body medicine modalities daily we will begin to benefit as our lifestyle changes for the better!

Listen until the end as she shares a great health tip for practicing mindfulness and it’s so easy, you’ll want to try it yourself and share it with your kids!

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