Eat Well on J2H

Journey 2 Health is a program based on 3 pillars of health; Live Well, Move Well and Eat Well. We share our last, but possibly the most impactful pillar; Eat Well.

Episode #21

Today’s episode will wrap up our Health Pillars series as we focus on Eat Well. As you now know, our Journey 2 Health curriculum is centered around 3 pillars of health, Live Well, Move Well and Eat Well.  (If you missed our Live Well and Move Well episodes, I’ll encourage you to go back and give Episode #13 and Episode #16 a listen)  

Eat Well is one of the most critical pillars for making real strides in your health. You’ve heard it said, “Let food be thy Medicine and medicine be thy food” from Hippocrates.  And throughout our podcast you’ve heard countless stories from our guests about how food has brought them healing. It’s about 90% of the health journey and we share our 3 best Eat Well tips with you today.

Tip #1 encourages us to eat real food and choose foods without a label if possible.  If it comes from a plant, eat it.  If it was made in a plant, don’t!   Tip #2 explains how detrimental sugar can be to our bodies and we share tips to avoid it.  Tip #3 is about eating less “white” foods and we dive deep into how simple carbohydrates effect our bodies hormonal response.    

The advice over the past decades to restrict calories and burn more calories than you consume to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle has been extremely misleading.  All calories are not created equal and we expose the myth that says our metabolism is a simple math formula; calories in < calories out.   Instead, our bodies create a hormonal response by releasing insulin to lower our blood glucose levels when exposed to food.  

We also highlight the idea of counting carbohydrates rather than counting calories.  Since a calorie doesn’t tell us the whole story about the food and how our body will respond to that food, we discuss the importance of looking at the net grams of carbohydrates (Carbohydrates – Fiber = Net Carbs)  Keeping our carbohydrate intake lower will lead to a healthy bodyweight and metabolism. 

Listen in to hear more details of our 3 Eat Well tips and realistic examples of how to implement those tips.  If you are interested in having EHOP Health present a health webinar for your organization, please feel free to contact Sarah Schall at to learn more. 

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