One of our great opportunities at dooable health is to implement the theory of health into the reality of our personal lives. Just because I work at a health and wellness company, this does not mean I am living a healthy lifestyle consistently. We must take action (especially those of us in the industry!) to experience a healthy lifestyle, and my starting point when I identify that urge for change is to ask myself: What is your next brave step?

One of my mentors asked me the question at the end of one of our life-giving chats, “So what is your next brave move?” And it is a great question to ask ourselves regarding improving our personal well-being. What is the next brave move I need to make to experience a healthier lifestyle? We can read all the great content, listen to the trending podcasts, and reflect in our notebooks with pages of notes. I love these activities and encourage everyone to be curious, process, and learn. However, eventually, the action step is required for change. Allow me to share some of the brave next steps I have taken over the past ~5 years to foster a healthier lifestyle:

Quit my job
Complete a health coaching training program
Commit to intermittent fasting
Adopt a low-carb diet
Train for endurance events
Backed off on strict intermittent fasting
Increased my carbs

As you can see, sometimes your next brave step is to start something, stop something, or tweak something.

Health is so personal, so it only makes sense that your next brave step will be unique. Enjoy the journey of “walking the walk” of taking your next brave steps in your own health and well-being.