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July 22, 2024


“It’s not about last year. You worry too much about the past, you’ll get caught up in that. It’s about being present where your feet are,” responded Caitlin Clark, Iowa’s basketball phenom. A good reminder that our interest in the past and fascination with the future and its rainbows should not overshadow the reality of today.

Caitlin Clark had just finished scoring 41 points with 12 assists and 7 rebounds to defeat LSU in a game that would decide which team went to the NCAA Women’s Final Four.  Since LSU had defeated Iowa in last year’s championship game, the media asked the touted all-time NCAA scoring leader a good question: was revenge on her mind?  Her answer above bespeaks of a maturity beyond her years, and beyond the three-point rainbows she hoists from distances greater than the NBA’s 23 feet 9 inches three-point line.  It is a message we all should take to heart.

At dooable health™, our national board-certified health/life coaches are always reassuring clients that the journey starts by meeting them where they are in the moment.  Not in the past.  Not in the future.  Yes, where their feet are planted right now.

Aren’t we all in need of embracing the present?  After all, COVID-19 is over, and hopefully, our fear of each other is also.  Lockdowns are history, and mandates of this and that as well.  A statement is not “misinformation” just because others disagree and vice versa.  Our children are back in school face to face, where they belong.  The strength of a friendship is not destroyed because some are in one political party and others in another.  Half of America is not racist, nor is the opposite half communist.

History teaches us that we must learn from the past or we are doomed to repeat it.  We must plan for the future, or we will be stuck in old memories.  Yet in our over-digitalized world, we are bombarded by conflict that captures our short attention span.  Disoriented, we fail to see the obvious.

Do the heavens care about Republican/Democrat status, media hype, and politician’s big egos? Hopefully, the answer is “no.”  But we are admonished to look first to our local communities: where we live, work, raise families, and develop lasting connections.  What is each of us doing today to improve ourselves and the lives around us?  Are we making a difference?

In other words, let’s not get distracted by rainbows.  Remember “where your feet are.”

At dooable, we encourage people to do that every day.

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