The “all or nothing” mentality kicks in when I least expect it, I have seen it so many times with my clients that I am getting better and better at identifying it in my own life… and that does not mean it is easier for me to find balance, but it shows that I am willing to keep working on it, because it is worth it.


I find that it can be easy for me to forget all the tools or skills I have and that I had used in previous situations to keep moving forward with my health goals, and coaching is a powerful tool I use to remember to stay present and connected with what I know works for me.

Abandoning my default: “if it is not perfect, it is not worth it” has been such an opportunity to get to know my needs and likes better and to find progress in unexpected places… Now I can maintain my motivation and discipline while exercising self-compassion, and that is making me a better coach! What is not to love about that?

I’m learning how living in the middle ground allows me to make positive changes without being perfect… I am finding accountability in my coach because the professional alliance we have allows me to get to a place of reflection, with the support I need while navigating my thoughts and designing my goals.

I book with my coach once every 5 weeks, it is a cadence that allows me to take action, do my homework, observe changes, and decide what is a good fit. Everyone’s coaching needs are unique. For instance, some of my clients book weekly sessions with me.

I trust and value coaching because I found a coach that, like me, is committed to helping without judgment, lending an empathetic and compassionate ear with undivided attention. It is a blessing to have the opportunity to pay it forward with all my clients. I know that I cannot be an effective coach unless I am walking the walk in my own personal health and wellness.