Have you ever wondered why under similar circumstances different people get different outcomes? I see it every day with my clients and in my own life. Even though we are all unique, the human experience has its commonalities, and after listening to multiple people struggle with weight, discipline to exercise, chronic illnesses, and stress, like myself, I have identified that setting goals the right way is key to getting good results no matter the approach. If we are dedicated and committed to setting a good foundation we will keep making progress, so are you ready to set goals?

It seems really simple, and it can be if we invest time in crafting and designing our goals, capitalizing on our strengths and likes.  I am convinced, with practice we can all become goal masters, that is why I decided to set weekly goals for myself, small enough to be achievable, practical enough to reduce friction, and coherent with my long-term dreams or big goals, so I can keep motivated, basically using the same approach I shared with my coaching clients in their sessions.

The other component I am introducing to keep me focused is the notion of “progress over perfection” because it allows me to see shortcomings for what they are: learning opportunities and experiences. I read research papers frequently and a few years ago, one of them helped me realize that in the process of training animals, researchers mention over and over that their subjects learn how to achieve by failing, my big conclusion was: even when we are not getting to the exact results we envision, we are making progress because we are gaining knowledge: what not to do, what does not work for me, what is working but can be done better, and that input is pure gold when it comes to creating new habits.

My goals now are designed with kindness in mind, I relate to the “slow and steady wins the race” proverb, I have seen it works for me, and I have experienced the benefits of building my future self from the ground up, with a sturdy foundation: SMART goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, realistic, time-bound and adapted to my unique, personal needs.

Are you ready to be the architect of your well-being?  Reach out, because I am ready to partner up with you to set your goals… and achieve them…