What would you like to learn more about? Stress? Cravings? Weight management? Lucky you! The chances are high that we’ve got Circles for that! You may associate dooable health™ with private coaching, corporate wellness incentives, and a wellness app, and you would be right!  We also recently launched our group, live courses called Circles. We listened to what you wanted more of…group learning on specific topics, support from like-minded peers, recordings, education, and inspiration.  Attendees can sit back and take notes with their camera off, or they can participate in the chat box and break-out sessions. For employers, this is a dream come true.

If the last 4 years have revealed anything, it’s that health is wealth. Community and connection are vital to the life force of any organization. For less than the cost of a latte per employee, and in under ten minutes, Circles can be set up to support your employees in 2024. With multiple topics to choose from, don’t miss the chance to elevate everyone next year because we no longer must hustle and grind our way to feeling our best!

Step 1 Sign up your organization at

Step 2 Share with your employees that you are gifting them with Circles in 2024

Step 3 Online registration for topics opens Dec 4th

Circles….its community…its connection…it’s a game changer.

Learn more here (link)https://dooable.com/masterclasses/

See you in Circles, but don’t delay. January 2024 is quickly on its way!