Does the world feel as if it’s spinning a little faster for you? It does to me too. Sometimes the real win in life seems to be letting go of chasing something and slowing down. What do you savor about your days? Time and health feel so precious to me, and the things that used to rattle me no longer do. Not because I don’t care, but because I care even more. Over the years I’ve embodied more of the qualities that feel good to be around in others. Forgiveness, patience, compassion, kindness. Far from perfect, but that’s not what Living Well is about…chill out

If you could have just one more day with someone, what would you do? Who would you be with? What would you say or not say?   Living in the moment and being present is addictive. The more you do it, the more nonsense falls away and you notice things that consume your energy just aren’t worth it. You begin to regulate and save your emotional resources for the really big things, the things that warrant your time, attention, and your heart. Isn’t it true that any day could be the last for someone we love?

My heart is in deep despair for several loved ones that I am powerless to heal, yet I am prayerful and filled with hope that they will. Can you relate? Of course, you can. We are all on the rollercoaster of life complete with ups and downs and it is difficult to chill out.

Phrases such as talk to the hand, or swipe left on what no longer serves me tend to get on my nerves. Boundaries are important, and we should never tolerate disrespect or poor treatment, though sometimes it takes a few go-arounds for this to sink in. Yet in our day-to-day, (barring heinous things) it seems that our nervous system would get a much-needed break if we weren’t so hard on ourselves and others if we softened our approach, and instead of swiping left, we gave a little slack. It’s true that when we cut someone off in traffic it’s circumstance, but when they do it to us, it’s poor character. Self-righteousness is at play.

So, in the name of Slack and in honor of time being precious, who can you give a little break to today? Isn’t it something we all need from time to time?   Someone who isn’t waiting there to tell us every little thing we’ve done wrong. My father used to say, be nice, be kind, be gentle. There was another part to that phrase that implied don’t be a doormat. Sounds to me like a pretty sweet spot to be in, and I wish I could tell him now, once again, he was right.  Here are a few simple ways to cut someone a break. Not always, and not everyone. But more often than we currently do.


S – Shhh Let someone talk about how they feel without making it about your feelings and hijacking the conversation to be about you.

People feel valued when heard.

L -Look for something positive when you feel annoyed
A -An attitude of gratitude shifts your perspective
C -Conjure up best-case scenarios
K -Kindness looks good on everyone 

Chill Out!