It is true that the more you eat something, the more you will generally crave it. We train our tastebuds to want more of what we give them.  We’ve all been at the checkout line. Either we’ve been the parent with a toddler in tow or have witnessed an episode from further down the line. The whiny kid who is sobbing and throwing a fit because the parent said no the “kiddie crack” right there. Make no mistake about it. Retailers and marketers know precisely where to place the lollipops, skittles, and junk…right at kiddie level.

There is a real physiological and biological effect that happens with cravings, and every fiber of your being wants IT, and wants IT NOW! Willpower feels like a cruel joke in those moments because we have become deeply hardwired to feed our addiction.

Hot bagels with cream cheese, another glass of wine, mac and cheese, the cupcake, and the cigarette. Maybe you are noticing more saliva in your mouth, right about now? Have a hankerin’ for a smoke? I hear you.

In total transparency, I used to smoke. For those of you who haven’t, good for you, and you probably have had another addiction. For some, it’s food, caffeine, cigarettes, over-exercising, and sugar. For others, it’s social media, sex, or the constant need for validation from others. All these conquests or actions result in the influx of feel-good neurotransmitters that leave us high and dry after the surge. I walked by someone smoking the other day, and honestly, it smelled beyond good. I immediately thought how fantastic it would be to have …just one. Oh, the lies we (and me) can tell ourselves. Sure, I’ve come a long way, and truly have reduced my cravings for unhealthy substances by a solid 90%, and it shows up in my numbers and bloodwork.

And yet…. there are those times that I could hop in my car and head right into a Sheetz gas station to get a disposable vape or cigarettes, and no one would know…except me. The point is that you will want something every so often, so expect it. To think you will never crave “it” again is just maybe what’s setting you up for failure.  It all comes down to one thing. Making the decision to say No… when it’s hard to. Yes, you can want something, and yes you can say no. How? When you remember that nothing tastes better than health feels. My thought in those moments is, yes I want it, but I love my lungs, my liver, and my heart so much, that I am all I need to demonstrate what I call, Radical Self Love.  So, the next time you are faced with an overwhelming temptation, count to ten, set your alarm for 4 minutes to let it pass, drink some water, and distract yourself. Your health will like you for it, and it is a world filled with “likes”.  The only one that matters is the one you give to yourself.  I’m here to help you stay strong, focused, and healthy because you are worth it.