Functional Medicine at-home lab testing can provide an “under the hood” peek into the corners of your health that Conventional Medicine testing can miss. How so? Have you ever been told your blood work is “in the normal range” and wondered why you don’t feel your best?  Have you ever been made to feel that your symptoms are “all in your head” or just a normal part of getting older?

Let’s test, not guess. A targeted approach to what’s out of balance in your body is necessary. Deficiencies and toxicities can often be the root causes of illness. Unless you give your body the raw materials it needs, at best you are wasting money on supplements that don’t help, and at worst, prolonging the inflammatory process that perpetuates pain, struggle, loss of hope and confidence. Whether you need answers, or you like to geek out on a preventative lifestyle, check out my short video on how Functional Medicine at-home lab testing and consultation packages can set you free from feeling broken. Let’s bring your body back into balance. Energy, improved digestion, better sleep, hormone balancing, improved libido, and more, are not too much to ask for!

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