In December of 2022, I decided it was time to challenge myself with a new workout routine… so I will share with you how I started weight training later in life. I had previously attempted weight training, about 10 years prior. At that time, I stopped short in my weight training journey because of a terrible bout with bilateral “tennis elbow”, so it had essentially been that long since I had picked up a weight.  

As I started again, within days, I was experiencing the same searing pain in both arms. It was a very low point for me as I re-lived the reason I had previously stopped. I felt so defeated, thinking I would have to quit yet again. A visit to my trusted chiropractor revealed that I had torn all of the scar tissue in both arms from the improper healing of my injuries the decade before. We developed a plan to address the scar tissue, including scar tissue remodeling, which helps realign the collagen fibers in the tissue. We used laser therapy to bring healing blood flow to the deep tissue. I was encouraged to begin using low-weight dumbbells to slowly build strength. It took around 6 weeks of scar tissue remodeling and laser therapy for me to be pain-free! 

I decided to work with a personal trainer for 3 months so that I could learn proper lifting techniques and make sure that my lifting was effective, yet gentle and slow. I was able to make wonderful progress working with the trainer. In March of this year, I was finally able to graduate to weight training on my own, steadily increasing my weight and finally beginning to see muscle and definition that had never seen before in my adult years. It has been 9 months now and I am so much stronger from head to toe.  

I truly have enjoyed challenging myself in this way, proving to myself that I can do something new, even as I inch closer to 50! My husband started joining me at the gym about 6 months ago. We support and encourage each other to stay committed to our long-term goals, and I am so grateful that we can enjoy this journey of personal challenge and quality time together! So if you are considering it, take that first step and start weight training no matter what season in life you are in!