We are a system. A beautifully designed tapestry of bodily systems rooted in innate intelligence. What you practice in one area of your life will surely affect another. Maybe not initially, but with a little momentum and regularity, the effects will be far-reaching…whether they are positive or negative.  Don’t believe me? Think about 10 years of drinking energy drinks filled with sugar and caffeine. While in your 30’s it just may be the pick-me-up you are looking for. Yet come the 40s and 50s, it is very likely that your testosterone will take a dive while your insulin resistance rises. In short, you won’t feel your best…at all.  This physical storm will have a cascading effect on your mental fortitude, energy, confidence, and immune system. There is no magic bullet to wellness, BUT if I had to choose one, it would be intermittent fasting.

The reasons are many – pain reduction, tumor (benign and malignant) shrinking, insulin balancing, anti-aging, hypertension lowering, cholesterol-lowering, organ detox, and toxin purging. It really helps to bring the body into balance to reduce symptoms. Overall, it’s a sort of magic wand. If you are a current coaching client, book a session, and ask your coach more about the power of intermittent fasting. Aren’t you ready for more life? There are so many ways and reasons to include this practice as part of your healthy lifestyle. If you’ve heard horror stories, ignore them. You don’t have to starve yourself. In fact, just the simple practice of eliminating snacking between meals is a great place to begin. Can you manage 3.5 -4 hours between meals without snacking?

Fasting is powerful because our body can heal and purge when we don’t eat. When we eat, it can’t heal because insulin goes up and the body will always take energy to digest food over restoration and repair. How do I stay busy? I get my steps in on a long walk with an excellent podcast to enjoy. I practice my yoga and meditate.  I make phone calls, FaceTime my daughter or mom, hold client sessions, drink lots of water with lemon, and try to stay out of the kitchen. Want to know what the biggest help is for me, though? I’m so deeply rooted in my “why” (What am I fasting for anyway?)  that I can deal with a few hunger pangs knowing I’m giving my body and health the best chance I can.

In a world of quick fixes and addictions, I love a good mental game…with myself. Stay busy, stay focused, and you will see that every week that goes by will bring results you can see and feel!