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Conquer stress, anxiety, and burnout with coaching and Masterclasses designed for employees and first responders.

Commit to the physical and mental health of your people.

Our suite of Masterclasses, Onsite Workshops, Confidential 1:1 Coaching, and Tailored plans

provide creative solutions so that your people can experience the freedom of Living Well.

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Employee Wellness

A comprehensive employee wellness program that includes personal health/life coaching, a behavioral health driven incentive platform, and the science-based dooable health™ app.

Circles Masterclasses

Live classes focused on topics that employees want a deeper dive into. It’s the perfect place for attendees to connect and build community on the way to reaching like-minded goals.

First Responder Wellness

Protect your first responders’ physical and mental well-being as they guard the peace and keep us safe, with a comprehensive program designed for our community heroes.

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