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Journey 2 Health Program

Join the 2021 Journey 2 Health program by submitting your interest in the form below. We plan to start the 12-month program in February. You will be contacted by a member of the Journey 2 Health team to discuss next steps .


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Receive Personal HEALTH COACHING

Arkana Labs believes everyone should feel their best. We have partnered with EHOP Health to offer a 1-year program called the Journey 2 Health™. While every employee would benefit from this program, we only have a limited number of slots available each year. Participants receive personal health coaching each month for the entire calendar year. Their assigned health coach is employed by EHOP Health who helps support participants in establishing a health vision and creating a custom plan around Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well.


In addition to coaching, participants receive access to the full Journey 2 Health™ online curriculum. This enhanced curriculum includes science-based tips around how to Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well. The information can be viewed on your smartphone via an app or on your laptop browser. You receive 3 posts a week which takes ~5 minutes to read and is delivered to your phone through text message or your e-mail inbox.

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The focus of the program is not about weight loss or forming a six-pack. It’s about supporting participants in their own unique health journey. Once an authentic vision and plan is in place, results often follow and can be measured along the way.