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The Seasons of Health

July 22, 2024

The sun is beaming and feels soothing on your skin as the birds sing.  There are delicate mint green-colored buds on the trees, and spring is in the air. 

Inhale and exhale…. you are craving some sweet potato pie and chili…. NOT!

Underneath all our titles, differences, clothing, and labels, we are simply animals that crave what is naturally in season.  So often in coaching, we find that clients feel wildly successful in their summer eating plan as their salads and smoothies are a match made in heaven for dining “al fresco” on a beach, a deck, or a restaurant patio.  The chilly air moves in along with sweaters, blustery wind, and cold rain.  What typically happens next is that the shift in seasons brings with it feelings of failure as cravings and choices take a turn towards heavier stews, creamy lattes, and more soul food. But it’s not failure. It’s biology and nature!

Seasonal eating is recognizing that the human body will crave what’s in season regardless of what your local grocery store has in stock.   On a bright spring morning, which sounds tastier, a pumpkin spice latte or a berry smoothie?  Springtime is when the body naturally craves detoxing from heavier foods, sugar, toxins, and it wants to purge excess weight!  

When you partner up with a dooable health coach, you’ll learn how to

  • Recognize why your body has specific cravings
  • Tweak seasonal favorites to support goals
  • Enjoy learning about substitutes such as cauliflower rice and monk fruit
  • Get off the “shame train”
  • Feel freedom as you go with the flow
  • Shed unwanted weight

Transformation feels joyful as you begin to honor this simple fact- like the trees, bees, and birds, you are nature, and what you resist will persist.  You can decide to sync up with Mother Nature and experience a delicious and healing year, or you can choose to dig your heels in and fight for unattainable consistency.  I can tell you who will win…every single time.

As we say goodbye to winter this month and hello to spring, release the grip and let go of the cling.  There is no other way towards your best self because everything in nature is either growing or dying.  Has there ever been a more important time to choose better health?



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