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Recognizing your Uniqueness

July 22, 2024

clear water droplet

Journeys are personal. No one is you, and this belief is at the center of my coaching.  What a lousy coach I would be if I treated all my clients the same with a “cookie cutter approach” to wellness.  The truth is, it really doesn’t matter where you start, just begin. The jumping on points to wellness are many.  As you join me on this “walk the walk” journey, you will come to know many of the ways that I show up for myself, and probably a little bit about what inspired a particular practice or routine.  I began this never-ending quest into wellness over twenty years ago, and I am all in…for the rest of my life.

I figured since I’m that person who already spends a small fortune on clean food, bedding, and body care products, that it was time to upgrade my shower.  I don’t drink tap water…ever, so why am I supposedly getting clean in it?  Tap water can contain contaminants such as parasites, chlorine, fluoride, plastics, sewage runoff, heavy metals, and pharmaceuticals which are toxic to our gut and health.  With no stomach acid as a defense, some of these toxins are absorbed through the skin and directly into our blood stream.  I recently cleaned up my daily shower by adding a filter to the shower head. AquaBliss and Sprite are two brands that made the cut in my research.  I mean seriously, I only use low/no toxin soap and hair products, so why not go all in?

Research is now saying that by 2030 1 in 2 people will have cancer, and I have noticed this headline more than once recently. It scares me enough to upgrade my routine where I can. As I ran through a list of people I love in my mind, this concept propelled me to purchase the filter. The best thing is that my son and daughter are paying attention to the ways in which I honor my health and peace. These chemicals are everywhere from the air we breathe to the rain our kids play in.  Those “pretty (toxic)lawns” and plastic bottles.  Stay with me here, I know you feel like giving up, but I promise everything you do matters to keep you well.  What can you do?   Consistent, small tweak (over weeks, months, years) goes a long way towards health. I’m here to help you because we all need someone who cares enough to hold us accountable to a future that feels full of life in these bodies that are so gloriously designed for just that. You can start small…. just like I did 20 years ago.  Step forward into your healthiest future and stand guard against toxins where you can.  It all matters. You matter.”

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