Young Thought Leader

Taylor is a young, yet impactful thought leader within the space of women’s sports. She is shedding light and opening dialogue on mental health, gender disparities and balancing life with sport.

Episode #24

The joy in life is found in the process, in the climb. We don’t need to focus so much on the results, wins or failures in life.

Taylor Treacy is a passionate thought leader within the realm of female athletics as she supports and encourages athletes to balance sport with life.  As a former UNC volleyball athlete and retired pro-player, she is using her personal life experience to shed light on the challenges that accompany being a college athlete, specifically mental health, identity within sport and gender disparities.

Taylor shares a bit of her own journey of overcoming disordered eating at the end of her collegiate career. This opened her up to explore more of her challenges surrounding her identity as an athlete and person, the pressure to perform at a high level, perfectionism and mental health. These experiences fueled her to created a supporting platform called, The Virago Project. (Listen in to learn what that means!)

The Virago Project is a non-profit 501-c3 that is dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of all women athletes. Their mission is to spread awareness about sportswomen’s total well-being by educating, empowering, and connecting with athletes and like-minded sports organizations. It was created as a safe space for female athletes fostering open dialogue on extremely relevant and important topics allowing female athletes to feel seen, heard and connected to like minded athletes.

She is passionate about giving back to her sport and the UNC Volleyball program and has created a mentorship program called, Warrior Strong Project with our very own, Sarah Schall. (Journey 2 Health lead coach and host of the J2H podcast) Together they have joined forces to bridge the gap that they see in today’s athletics by having a non-bias, non-judgemental relationship for student-athletes to rely upon. They connect a current student-athlete to a former alumni from that same program to develop a deep connection throughout the year.

Today’s athletes carry a heavy burden and many times do so in isolation. While they have their coaches and teammates to depend upon, many times an outside listening ear who has walked in their shoes before helps with healing. This mentorship project was created to support student-athletes through mentorship, connection and opening dialogue about the challenges current athletes face. This is a built in support network and mentoring relationship to help student-athletes thrive and grow during a vital transition in life.

Listen in to hear how Taylor is a positive force and how she is changing the landscape of female athletics through her passion and purpose!

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