Live Well on J2H

Journey 2 Health is a program based on 3 pillars of health; Live Well, Move Well and Eat Well. We will be sharing part 1 of a 3 part series highlighting each pillar.

Episode #13

Today we bring you a special episode.  Up until now, all of our episodes have introduced you to our amazing team of EHOP coaches and have highlighted their own journey to health.  No doubt we’ve been inspired by their stories as they’ve shared their unique journeys to lasting health.

As you may or may not know, this podcast is based on our Journey 2 Health program that we offer businesses and individuals through EHOP health.  Our curriculum is centered around 3 pillars of health, Live Well, Move Well and Eat Well.   Today we are going to focus on 1 of those 3 pillars.  We will be sharing excerpts from a webinar that we gave to an organization centered on the Live Well pillar.

Today’s climate is full of stress, challenges, and setbacks and we exist to offer support to those individuals and organizations who are battling every day.  We’ll share tips on stress management strategies and techniques such as mindfulness, visualization, and practice breathing techniques.

We hope this episode will inspire you to dive deeper into what we consider our most crucial pillar of health, live well. If you are interested in having EHOP Health present a health webinar for your organization, please feel free to contact Sarah Schall at to learn more.