Move Well on J2H

Journey 2 Health is a program based on 3 pillars of health; Live Well, Move Well and Eat Well. We share part 2 of our 3 part series highlighting each pillar.

Episode #16

Today we bring you a special episode.  Up until now, all of our episodes have introduced you to our amazing team of EHOP coaches and some inspiring clients who have courageously highlighted their own journey to health.  No doubt we’ve been inspired by their stories as they’ve shared their unique journeys to lasting health.

As you may or may not know, this podcast is based on our Journey 2 Health program that we offer businesses and individuals through EHOP health.  Our curriculum is centered around 3 pillars of health, Live Well, Move Well and Eat Well.   Today we are going to focus on the 2nd of those 3 pillars…Move Well. We will be sharing excerpts from a webinar that we gave to an organization centered on the Move Well content.   (If you missed our Live Well podcast, I’ll encourage you to go back and give Episode #13 a listen)

Throughout this podcast Sarah describes the importance of mobility and alignment to alleviate chronic pain and prevent potential acute injuries that can set you back if your body is not primed for movement.   She highlights the critical “Vitamin M” which stands for many things within movement; motion, mobility, and muscle mass.  Learn why lean muscle mass is considered the fountain of youth and how motion is lotion!

Sarah will share practical tools for staying mobile while at work and how to create an effective and consistent move well plan designed specifically for YOU!   A plan that centers around your schedule, needs and interests.  If you want to discover realistic ways to stay strong and physically fit for your lifetime, listen in to this episode as we talk about all things Move Well!

We hope this episode will inspire you to dive deeper into one of our foundational pillars of Move Well.   Exercise won’t cure your disease or illness but it is a critical accessory to lifelong health.  If you are interested in having EHOP Health present a health webinar for your organization, please feel free to contact Sarah Schall at to learn more.

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