J2H + Law Enforcement

“Mac” Macario has a deep rooted passion to positively impact and influence law enforcement officers and shift its culture towards health. AND Journey 2 Health is privileged to join forces with him!

Episode #17

I think there’s a misperception with what officers are provided on a regular basis…they are remarkable on their own when they leave the academy. This is why Journey 2 health is so important.

We have another special and unique episode with our guest, Mac Macario. We’ve invited a fellow friend and current co-creator of a new project with Journey 2 health which will be rolling out in the fall of 2021. J2H has partnered with Michael Macario, or ‘Mac’ for a special project-specific to law enforcement officers, supporting them in their journey 2 health…while in and out of uniform.

Michael Macario, or ‘Mac’, began his law enforcement career at a metropolitan police department later in life, after a successful academic and retail career. After patrolling one of the busiest patrol districts at his agency for several years, Mac was assigned to the police training academy where he spent 12 years, eventually becoming the senior training officer. Mac focused on preparing recruits in academics, subject control, and arrest, de-escalation, and communication skills as well as physical fitness and stress management.

Mac became the County’s lead mental illness de-escalation instructor and one of the leading contributors to North Carolina’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) initiatives. Recently retired from sworn duty, Mac continues to train law enforcement at all levels and remains committed to increasing the safety and professionalism among all first responders. His son, Garrett, is a North Carolina State Highway Patrol Trooper carrying on the tradition of service to the community.

You’ll hear more about how Mac’s family has brought him purpose and vision. They serve as the reason WHY he stays committed to his own health, takes great delight in his job, and continues to pass the torch to the next class of recruits.

The stars aligned on this project and our collaboration. The timing was so divine for both Journey 2 Health and Mac. You’ll hear how he hopes to shift the culture of law enforcement supporting those officers who serve and how Journey 2 Health plans to serve them!

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