Gaining Confidence and Clarity with J2H Greg is our first client guest on the J2H podcast. He shares how he gained confidence in himself and clarity on his journey to health as he was able to create a synergy within his life and and a shift in perspective.

Episode #15

“One thing I gained in the J2H program was be kinder to myself which in turn allowed me to be more responsible for myself.”

Introducing you to a first of many episodes to come on the Journey 2 Health podcast.  We welcome our first client guest who has completed a full year participating in the Journey 2 Health program.

Greg Christo is an introspective and kindhearted friend and client! He has a passion for the outdoors and is a hiking enthusiast. He has plans to hike the Appalachian trail which is a whopping 2,190 miles. That trail spans the entire east coast running from Georgia to Maine…it takes hikers roughly 5-7 months to complete and this is his life dream! Greg has worked at a local grocery co-op, Weaver Street Market for 10 years. He has served as the Produce and Meat department manager for the last 5 years. Weaver Street and its employees are near and dear to our hearts as they are entering their 3rd year partnering with EHOP Health offering the Journey 2 Health program to their employees.

Greg is beginning his 2nd year as a coached participant and I am honored to be his health coach. Since I have the privilege of knowing Greg’s story and witnessing his health journey, I knew he would be the perfect candidate for this first of many for this podcast. I congratulate Greg for blazing the trail…as our first client guest and soon on the Appalachian Trail.

I’m going to coin Greg as the “OG client guest” and I’m grateful to him as he highlights his many “Ah-ha” moments.  He is a quality client because he has a true gift of introspection.  His wheels are always spinning, intentionally or not.  When on coaching calls, every question is received openly and responded to with thoughtful reflection.  As coaches we find great delight in coaching conversations that bring about depth and introspection from our clients.

You’ll hear Greg’s health journey that focused more on the Live Well pillar, which really synergized his health and life.  He had never been asked where HE wanted to focus on his health and that simple question opened him up, gave him confidence, highlighted his strengths and allowed him to begin dreaming forward.  He was ready to tackle his lifelong dream of hiking the Appalachian trail, something he had put on hold as a pipe dream just a few years before.  He aligned his health allowing it to become all encompassing, discovering his reason WHY and then gravitating towards the opportunity to pursue his lifelong dream.

One of his greatest gains in this health journey was his self-actualization.  When he recognized the opportunity to look within for his best health decisions he gained a confidence in himself vs. looking outward for advice.  He learned to be kinder to himself allowing him to take more responsibility for himself and his health.  His life has taken on a bigger purpose and he began dreaming again.

His journey has revealed many strengths within himself, such as leadership within the workplace.  Listen in as he shares his health tips with us, encouraging us to move forward, not dwell on past mistakes or setbacks and to just show up!  Do the work, think deeply and gain great clarity and value in life! What a great conversation we have with our “OG Client Guest”, Greg Christo!