The Accidental Health Coach

Justin Thomas may claim to be an “Accidental Health Coach”, but he is positioned perfectly to lead others within his community and provide for his own family all while embodying a zest for life and positive energy!

Episode #6

“I was at a place in my life where I was willing to take a risk…to challenge myself on the work and legacy I want to leave, based on my father’s legacy.”

Justin Thomas is an MBA graduate, a National Board Certified health and Wellness Coach (NBHWC) and the COO at EHOP Health.  While he has a passion for coaching others he claims to be an “accidental”  health coach.  You’ll hear his unconventional journey to becoming a health coach through his variety of inspirational adventures.

His pursuit of lifelong health all started with a random invitation to a men’s workout session, called F3, from some unlikely acquaintances. (BTW his F3 nickname is “Nickleback”…you’ll have to listen in to know why that nickname stuck).

This opportunity to build trusted relationships within a community of men all while being challenged and pushed through uncomfortable situations propelled him into his adventures of intentional health.  The positive influence and peer pressure from the group allowed him to overcome challenges, build confidence and also pursue other leadership roles in his life.

He shares a poignant story about the loss of his father which forced him to look at his life from a different lens.  While he had established comfortable work routines, he was at a place in his life where he was looking for more – a desire to go deeper in life.

Ironically, Justin made the decision to step down from his CEO position at a small tech company that was providing for his family financially so that he could learn to become a better provider for his family.  While this was considered a risk by many, he had a passion to leave a legacy going forward to bless and protect his family…in more ways than just financial.

With this focus the CL Thomas Fellowship, named after his Father, was formed as a way to influence and support men to become providers for themselves and for the people they lead in their own lives.  He explains how the power of community and the support of our inner circle helps us do hard things in pursuit of becoming a better version of ourselves.

He always saw himself as a businessman but never expected health and wellness to be a part of his career.  After the match was made with EHOP Health and Justin’s business talents, he began to dive into the Journey 2 Health 12 month program himself.

As the lessons trickled in, he became more and more intrigued with the topics and began implementing the changes into his life.  The curriculum allowed him to build momentum he never expected propelling him into being disciplined with his diet, signing up for marathons and becoming a contributing chef in the family kitchen. The “accidental coach” started coaching others through Justin Thomas Coaching using the Journey 2 Health program as well in his non-profit work.

We discuss overcoming assumptions, the importance of discipline, the power of positive voices in our lives, how to have a “Go Ruck Tough” mindeset, and the value of bringing energy to the pursuit of goals and dreams in our lives.  You’ll hear a little bit of sunshine and a large dose of adventure weaved throughout each story!

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Key Takeaways

  • both provide for others and for ourselves at the same time

  • Leaving a legacy and giving energy to what is important

  • The Power of Positive Community and Peer Pressure

  • Inner Circle Supporters who cheer you on

  • The importance of discipline and the freedom it can bring to life

  • Overcoming our own limitations and others assumptions