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Purpose Driven Work

Dr. William Lawson, Founder and CEO gives us an inside glimpse into the birth and purpose of EHOP Health. It’s creating real value and real health by serving others…now that’s a purpose-driven company!

Episode 3

“People don’t need to be fixed! People need to identify their strengths and what’s working, then do more of that.”

William (BJ) Lawson, Founding Doctor of EHOP health and a self-diagnosed “geek” shares his journey of creating EHOP Health (Employee Health Ownership Program…and sponsor of our podcast!). He shares how he went from Biomedical/Electrical Engineer and Neurosurgeon with degrees from the not too shabby, Duke Medical School, to Entrepreneur, to Founder and CEO!

As a physician he signed up for healing and with his academic background he has always been drawn to optimizing systems and finding the root cause of a problem. He now uses the combination of his gifts to bring healing and restoration to companies and individuals through EHOP Health.

Thirteen years ago his father called him in a near panic after being diagnosed as a pre-diabetic. This launched BJ to search for real solutions since what he had learned in medical school about diabetes painted a dim and hopeless picture. He stumbled upon nutrition and a whole foods diet after telling his Dad to “eat nothing white”. Three months later following that protocol, his father had completely reversed his diabetic diagnosis while also losing 40lbs.

These discoveries combined with the fact that 80% of Americans have metabolic dysfunction, propelled him into the pursuit of identifying and addressing the root cause of chronic disease. His entrepreneurial spirit also launched him into creating real solutions and offering support to companies and organizations who are suffering through the epidemic delivered by chronic disease

EHOP was created to serve others. They believe in the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated. EHOP is a company that’s creating value and creating profit while existing to serve others. The real value lies in helping employers save money, clients reverse chronic disease and creating real wealth within our communities.

They’ve put together a process that gets people excited about changing their behavior and taking ownership of their health. Their program offers a powerful curriculum based in positive psychology and behavior change (Journey 2 Health), a robust technology platform and compassionate health coaches eager to listen and guide those individuals ready to own their health. They are moving individuals and corporations away from disease and into healing and regeneration!

If you’re looking for a proactive vs. reactive approach to health, listen to BJ share his passion behind this movement. Plus, hear his 3 impactful tips centered around nutrition that he also shared with his Father who ultimately reverse diabetes!

If you’re looking for support from EHOP Health for your company or organization visit www.ehophealth.com. Are you an individual looking for health support? Visit www.journey2health.com/individuals

Key Takeaways

  • His Journey from Engineer to Surgeon to Entrepreneur to True Healer

  • What medical School Didn’t teach him about optimizing health

  • EhOP Health’s mission on Reversing Chronic Disease vs. Managing it.

  • Purpose-Driven Work that incorporates the Golden Rule while serving others

  • How you can age with vibrance and vitality rather than traveling “down-hill”

  • He shares 3 impactful tips to reverse chronic disease!

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About the host

Sarah Schall

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Sarah Schall is a National Board Certified Health Coach and serves as Sr. Coach & Community Manager at EHOP Health. She is also a wife, mom of four, and founder of “Inside-Out Strong” a program that teaches girls and mom how to build up their hearts, minds and bodies.

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