From Corporate Career to Health Coach

While a leader in the corporate world and burning the candle at both ends, her health began to catch up with her. Through her own health journey, she found her passion and pursuit of serving others in their health.

Episode #12

“Find that one person that believes in you and can show you a different way. Allow them to uncover what’s inside of you as they help guide you into how you want to live your life.”

Liz Enderline is a national board-certified health and wellness coach and has been healthy, and active throughout her life.  Instinctively, she had always been interested in health and drawn to healthy behaviors.  Some may say she hit the genetic jackpot with the fact that she never had to suffer with or battle chronic illness…that is until her lifestyle choices began to catch up with her.  Under the pressure of a stressful corporate job, showing up as a mother to her 3 teenage boys, and caring for her aging parents, Liz was burning the candle at both ends and her body and mind began to fail her.

Liz was experiencing brain fog, chronic stress, disruptive and restless sleep, and was unable to concentrate on basic tasks.  She had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and hashimotos on top of it all.  That became her wake-up call.  Her previous lifestyle choices were beginning to catch up to her and taking a toll on her health.

The tipping point came when she was caring for her aging parents and began to recognize the trajectory her life was headed.  She wanted to align with her life goals, so she made a critical decision to slow down, invest in a functional medicine doctor and to take care of herself with more intention.

Liz introduces us to her lifelong hero and inspiration, her brother.  Through a traumatic life event and awakening his courage, determination and new world perspective he became her inspiration and created a passion within Liz to live life to the fullest.

Liz shares insightful thoughts about prioritizing yourself, building boundaries, seeing the world from a different perspective, keeping the fighting spirit alive, balancing stress, and prioritizing sleep.  She shares essential tools and practical small steps to construct our day to be full, aligned, and living within our values.

While Liz explains that she carried worry and stress with her for most of her life, she has since turned her life’s journey into a passion to help and serve others in their own health.  She wants to be that support system and compassionate guide for others to lean on and learn from.  She says, “Find that one person that believes in you and can help show you a different way. Allow them to uncover what’s inside of you as they help guide you into how you want to live your life.”

She shares some great health tips!    While mindfulness is key and to keep it simple, other easy tools to implement for your health is breath and water.  Pause, Take time for deep, cleansing breaths, and have a glass of water. Air and water will always help you see what you need. Humble, wise words from our beautiful coach, Liz!

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Key Takeaways

  • Her Previous life choices were beginning to catch up to her

  • Her diagnosis of Hashimotos and Hyperthyroidism was a wake-up Call

  • The powerful and negative impact that stress has on our health

  • Her Hero and Inspiration in life

  • The transition from Corporate Career to Health Coaching

  • her Simple and practical health tips including Air and Water!