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Battle of the Mind

Nicole courageously shares her story of childhood trauma that continued through adulthood. Yet. the toxic relationship she found the most healing with was the one she had with herself.

Episode #10

“Being able process our hard past and to sit with our emotions without judgement is the best healing we can do for ourselves. ”

Nicole Batiste is a warrior. An overcomer with a gentle spirit. Her tender tone and wise words give you a sense of warmth and safety, however the beginning of her own story is anything but that. Tragically, she fell victim to sexual abuse at a young age and sexual assault continued into her adult years. Emotional trauma naturally followed her, but she began to discover that the most toxic relationship she was experiencing was the one with herself.

She was her own biggest critic and a self-professed “mean girl” to herself. From her life experiences, she always blamed herself, used negative self-talk, hated the way she looked and never felt good enough.  Her interactions with people were short and she pushed people away because she didn’t believe they’d accept her. She didn’t want to share her opinion or speak up for herself so she began to lose her voice and purpose. One day she began to think, “there has to be more to life than this.” That’s when life shifted.

A popular personal development book was brought to Nicoles attention, so she dove in. The message and lessons in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People woke her up and brought meaning to her life. She was discovering her voice and her choice in the matter. She dug deep into her feelings of depression, self-hatred, low self-esteem and lack of self worth as she began to research how these ideas were negatively effecting her. Her life began to take on new meaning.

Rather than falling prey to the victim mentality she quickly moved past WHY she felt this way and dug into the “WHAT will I do next to overcome this?” She began to recognize that she was avoiding the hard, inner emotional work due to fears and the belief that she may not survive it. So, on her own she began to use her pain and leaned into her fears. Learning how to sit with the hard past and process her own emotions without judgement was the best thing she could do for herself. 

Nicole describes two experiences that created effective healing within her. The first was to continually ask herself deep, prodding questions and then journal her responses. This allowed her to pour her heart and emotions out on the page. The second experiences required her to reply and respond to herself as she would reply to a loved friend. This pushed her out of her own head and allowed her subconscious speak to hear own heart on a loving level. Through both experiences her self-love magnified, she found power in the surrender and as her wings grew back she was ready to fly again.

Since that time, her life and emotions have evolved. She moves more freely, doesn’t worry about the opinion of others and takes better care of herself. Her empathy has expanded for herself and for others as they move through their own journey. She is a big ball of compassion for others, especially her clients who act courageously to overcome their own mindset battles.

We are so grateful for her courage to share such a vulnerable story, but we celebrate her courage to overcome and battle her own mindset. She enlightens us the fact that when we have a healthier relationship with ourself, we attract healthier situations to our own lives!

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Key Takeaways

  • A book that changed her life!…plus a few more mentioned

  • Her battle with a toxic mindset

  • 2 Practical Tools Nicole personally used to find inner healing

  • The power of sitting with and processing our emotions

  • Finding freedom in surrender

  • Being in control of your destiny

  • The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves

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About the host

Sarah Schall

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Sarah Schall is a National Board Certified Health Coach and serves as Sr. Coach & Community Manager at EHOP Health. She is also a wife, mom of four, and founder of “Inside-Out Strong” a program that teaches girls and mom how to build up their hearts, minds and bodies.

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