Dreams Become Reality

As a J2H client, Elli began eating better, moving consistently and practicing sobriety allowing her to release 40+ lbs, but more importantly she began to dream and envision again. Her dreams have become her reality!

Episode #23

The J2H program gave me the gift of experiencing progress over perfection and offering forgiveness to myself!

Elli McGlauflin is a vibrant, magnetic and enthusiastic ray of sunshine in your day, however before the Journey 2 Health program she didn’t feel that way. She was 50 lbs. overweight, not physically active, alcohol was a daily staple and she desired to be healthier. She decided to commit to her health when her employer, Weaver Street Market, implemented the Journey 2 Health program and she signed up for health coach!

By the end of her first few months in the program she had already lost around 40lbs. Just by eating real food and eliminating sugar and “white foods”. While that was a respectable accomplishment, her weight loss was that was just the tip of the iceberg on her journey. The larger, looming challenge she wanted to tackle was her relationship with alcohol. She had used alcohol as a daily transition and coping mechanism, but didn’t like the trajectory that her life was taking.

Elli invested her time in a book that revolutionized her life called, “This Naked Mind”. She immediately began to distance herself from needing alcohol every day and within every social situation. Once she practiced sobriety she became more present, had more energy, found more hours in the day, lost more weight and recognized her self-confidence. Life was so much better than she imagined and she had taken back the control in her relationship with alcohol.

With her new found sobriety and rhythm of life, she was able to be more present with friends and family, travel the world and cope with stress in a much healthier manner. This new pattern of living offered her space and a desire to begin dreaming! She had always loved travel and with her magnetic personality could easily socialize with any and everyone. This led her to pursuing the dream to become a certified travel director! Without her taking the initiative to get her health in order, control her relationship with alcohol and find herself again she wouldn’t have ever reached the dream she had inside of her.

While her dream was put on hold during the Covid-19 pandemic and despite the dark, isolated months, she held onto that vision and dream to travel the world and show up as the best Elli she knew how! Listen in to her journey of hope and be inspired to live your most vibrant life too!

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