Tackling our Fears

Allison knows the importance of living a life aligned in mind, body and spirit. With a conscious effort on tackling her fears and building her spiritual and physical health, she established synergy and healing in life!

Episode #22

Fear itself keeps us from living and it isolates us from the life that we want. By design we are social creatures and should not be isolated. We thrive on the energy that we attract and receive from people.

Allison Wrenn is a North Carolina State University graduate and holds her Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She currently works for the Cary Chamber of Commerce and recognized the unmet need of businesses to be served by a health plan focused on needing less healthcare.

She collaborated with the dooable health team to focus on helping employers reduce long term costs through chronic disease reversal while simultaneously improving internal culture by helping their employees live their healthiest and happiest lives. After losing her father to cancer at the young age of 13, she consciously dedicated her life to understanding the root cause of illness and helping others find their power along their own authentic health journey.

Allison grew up in a very health-conscious family, but it was when become a parent herself she consciously chose to prioritize her own health. Becoming a new parent brought to the surface many of the underlying fears she experienced after losing her Dad and new parent anxieties began infiltrating her life. She decided to get clear on her vision and identify what her authentic, conscious health journey needs to look like to achieve wholeness. She felt compelled to dive deep into her spiritual health to find full restoration.

She challenges us to do our own investigative work on our health and begin to get comfortable asking the question, “Why?” Asking that question will bring about a revelation with how intertwined stress and emotional trauma will manifest itself in our body. We’ll begin to experience the synergy between our thoughts and reality and how deeply connected our emotional and physical states are. Fears will always present themself, but it’s our reaction to those fears that determine our outcomes.

Allison shares some powerful tools that helped her overcome her anxieties and fears such as breathing and meditation. Plus the effects of caffeine on her personally and how taking a break from it allowed her adrenals to heal and recover. She leaves us with encouragement from a poem called, “The Dash” by Linda Ellis which signifies the years between the day you were born and the day you leave this earth. The dash represents what we stand for, what and who we will impact and the legacy that we leave behind. Ask yourself everyday, how you want to spend your dash!

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