Inspired by Family 


It all started when…

A little over ten years ago, one of EHOP Health’s founders received a phone call from his father. Obviously distressed, he had just been told by his physician that he was pre-diabetic. The conversation with his father and the lifestyle changes that resulted in reversal of that diagnosis for him and others ultimately led to the formation of EHOP Health.

For all its technological wonders, our healthcare system is deeply flawed. The CDC reports that half of all adults have at least one chronic disease. Our own assessment data indicate that between one half and two thirds of all employees are pre-hypertensive or hypertensive, and in many cases don’t even realize it. While we encourage disease “management” and “compliance”, the healthcare system is more likely to medicate symptoms than pursue health and reversal of disease.

Yet for most of those afflicted, these diagnoses — diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, obesity — are not final and irreversible.

Specific individual lifestyle changes can reverse inflammation and chronic metabolic disease. However, most people are too busy in their daily lives to separate the signal from the noise of competing information, and independently put themselves on a journey to health.

EHOP Health partners with business who want to help their employees and reduce their healthcare costs by pursuing a fundamental assertion: Every individual should be empowered to feel his or her absolute best by learning to Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well.