Your Personal Health Coach: Sarah Schall


Coach Sarah is passionate about strengthening the hearts, minds and bodies of others so they can become healthy inside and out and live a life full of purpose. At a quick glance, you might not think you have much in common with Sarah. She is an experienced health and wellness coach certified with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, a former college athlete (inducted into her university’s hall of fame!), and she also founded “Inside-Out Strong” a program that teaches girls how to be strong. Yet, Sarah believes that we can all become healthy inside and out and live a life full of purpose..  As a J2H member, you will work with Coach Sarah who knows how to help support you to become the best version of yourself using an integrative health approach, along with self-care practices and positive lifestyle changes. Integrative health does not just focus on your diet or exercise routine. This is not simply about weight management. We take a look at the whole person, including your mental health, and focus on lasting behavior change. A healthy lifestyle is not out of reach. Are you ready to create your action plan?