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“Hamp the Champ” Williams

Taking a chance has paid off big time for Hamp Williams and his employer Harriss and Covington Hosiery Mills (H&C) in High Point, North Carolina. When H&C invited Hamp to join the Journey 2 Health in January he had just gotten over a four month struggle with gout that had plagued him in some way every fall since 2005. Read More

Mindset: AMBER’s Key to Creating Lasting Change

Amber is proud of herself, but not just for losing 45 pounds and dropping three pants and three top sizes. She is proud of the fact that she changed her mindset and was open to new opportunity. When the Journey 2 Health program was offered she thought, “what’s the worst that could happen?” Fortunately she gave it a shot and is enjoying the fruits of her new mindset. Read More


The Power of Teamwork: A Couple’s Journey 2 Health

Meet Nawana Thomas and her husband. Just six months into their Journey 2 Health, this couple has lost 100 pounds and made progress reversing diabetes. How have they experienced such success? According to Nawana’s coach Jeanine Finelli, “Nawana loves learning  so she reads all of her Journey 2 Health lessons and incorporates them into her life. She and her husband are working together to get healthier which is beautiful teamwork to witness.” Read More

Helping Himself to Help Others

Ronnie Maynard has two major goals: to make a positive impact on his family and to help others. Last year, Ronnie and his wife received some of the most joyous news ever: they were going to be grandparents. While they eagerly anticipated their first grandchild, he decided to commit to the Journey 2 Health offered by his employer, Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills. Read More