The EHOP Overview


Health Plan FOcused on Strengthening your business

The EHOP is a complete self-funded health plan that reduces healthcare costs by reversing chronic disease, thus building profitable long-term relationships. We specifically align the interests of Employers, Brokers, and Reinsurers with EHOP through our proven Journey 2 Health™ comprehensive 12-month curriculum and coaching services. Our plan is underwritten by reinsurers and sold to employers who share a common goal of reducing healthcare spending. 

Before EHOP, Employers, Brokers, and Reinsurers operated in a fragmented market. Each service provider looking for lower prices, and jumping from one provider to the next at renewal time. EHOP now aligns each parties interest and helps to integrate each provider into one holistic partner for businesses. 

Bringing it all together



Journey 2 Health™ (J2H)

At the center of the EHOP and is a comprehensive twelve-month wellness curriculum with individual health coaching that teaches participants to Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well to reverse metabolic disease and safely build strength for a lifetime. 

The end result is a healthier, stronger workforce who has developed new, habits based on the evidence-based online curriculum and the trained EHOP health coaches. 



Add J2H Today

Even before your health plan renewal date, you can experience start to reverse chronic disease by implementing J2H coaching and curriculum to your existing wellness plan.  


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