Let me make an important confession right off the bat. I signed up for a coach training program without really understanding what health coaching even entailed. Was it learning about diet? exercise? yoga poses?

I learned that a skilled health coach can help change lives.

Today I get to witness the dooable health coaches support positive lifestyle changes that result in not only healthier lives but happier ones.

Health coaching and direct primary care (reviewed in VLOG #2) are the power couple to making sustainable health changes. I share more on this in the video below while also highlighting testimonials from some of our clients, enjoy!

Health coaches can help support clients in creating positive mental and physical changes. The most practical way of exploring if health coaching is right for you is to have a conversation with one. Feel free to schedule a chat with our team and we hope you find the right relationship for your journey.

Remember that facts and fears don’t always change behaviors, but relationships do! Invest in the right people to experience positive change and breakthroughs in your life. Plus not to mention there have been clinical trials proving that health coaching “is effective in improving both physical and mental health status in an occupational setting.”

Keep investing in yourself and your employees,

Justin Thomas

Primary care is back!
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