There is an abundance of information and data in the world which has resulted in consultants capitalizing on the opportunity to “guide” customers through the maze of confusion. As with any industry, there are smart, capable consultants who are worth their weight in gold, and then there are the “gold diggers” only out for themselves and not adding any real value.

After five (5) plus years of successfully offering our health coaching program to companies to help their employees create and achieve their health vision, feel better and get off expensive medications (with unwanted side effects) we decided to take on the health broker industry and offer a fresh perspective on a traditional field.

We were forged through the hard work of helping employees make healthy, sustainable behavioral changes. Now it was time to expand our services to be the trusted advisor for company leaders in structuring their employee benefits that resulted in healthier workforces and less healthcare dependency.

So we formed dooable benefits, a health consultancy/advisory firm specializing in creating custom health plans for self-insured companies in NC.

We plan on freely sharing lessons learned and exposing how the industry works to help us move the needle towards our ultimate goal: Become a model for changing the world of healthcare one life at a time.

Change is hard, but we make it dooable.

Ready to see if there are any hidden gaps in how you are providing health insurance for your employees?

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Let’s create a healthier workforce together,

Justin Thomas

Primary care is back!