The Employee Health Ownership Plan (EHOP)  strengthens your business by helping employees reverse chronic disease and feel their best.




The EHOP saves businesses money by helping your employees take steps to reverse chronic disease. This focus helps reduce risk, develops a healthier workforce, and lowers both fixed and variable costs associated with your health plan.



create life-changing relationships 

You shouldn’t have to choose between a financially strong business and a healthy workforce. The EHOP offers the best health plan for your employees through a combination of personal health coaching as well as online education tools to help them feel their best.  It all starts with putting the relationship first. 


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… and Improve your great culture by adding the ehop

The great management guru Peter Drucker once said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” We believe that is true and we help ensure that your culture is all about eating well, moving well, and living well. We offer a comprehensive twelve-month curriculum that teaches participants to do just that. It’s not a quick fix. But in another year from now you’ll wish you had started creating a culture of health today.